Philabundance Jam!

What a great Wynnstay Workday at Philabundance!  We’d like to thank everyone for coming out and spending a cold Saturday working at the south Philly warehouse.  The Wynnstay crew was 23 strong, volunteering alongside two other large groups.

We started off the afternoon watching a touching video about how hunger touches many lives in the Delware Valley each year.  Did you know that 900,000 people in the Delaware Valley rely on Philabundance for help?  And 23% of the malnurished served by them are children?  Soon after we headed out into the factory floor, a huge open area with a large conveyor belt circling the center.   Our task was to sort and box thousands of pounds of donated food from Preston & Steve’s Camp Out for Hunger.   So the radio cranked up 93.3 wmmr and we paired off and went to work.   The muscle men (TC, Kevin, Brian, Dan & DT) loaded all the food from cardboard bins on to the conveyor belt.  Next the agile women (Nancy, Natalie & Erin) made sure no glass containers got through and sorted based on boxed food or cans.  As the conveyor belt curved around the room, most of the crew (Sam, Kristin, Ashley, Bob, Kyle, Debbie, Eva, Corey, Maura, Courtney, CJ, Shannon and Tom) were stationed at scales to grab and box specific food groups.  The prize of the hardest working duo goes to Sam & Kristin, who mistakingly picked the green veggies station and boxed an entire pallet or about 2,400 lbs of cans!!  And finally Pat had the job of carefully taping up and labeling each box.  The pallets were shrink wrapped and forklifted onto the Philabundance trucks. 

Overall the day was extremely productive and all the Philabundance warehouse guys were impressed with our awesome work!  It’s amazing to see how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together when helping those in need — Preston and Steve camp out for a week in a parking lot, people listen to their morning show and drive to donate food, Philabundance picks up all the bins, the warehouse volunteers sort and box all the food, and finally everything is shipped out to a network of agencies who directly serve the hungry. 

It’s great to have good friends and family working alongside to make a difference.  That’s what Wynnstay Workdays are all about!  Thanks again for everyone who joined us — we plan to have a Workday once a year and hope one day to have a hundred of dedicated volunteers.