Fairy Godmother’s Prom Sale Event

During a festive holiday party at the Beardsley household, the ladies were all sitting around reminiscing on all the incredible events we’ve been to together. Many of us have been in each other’s weddings, as well as several others throughout the years.  This led into a conversation about what we could do with all of our beautiful dresses we’d collected from being a part of these amazing occasions. Sandy Bocchino and I decided we should collect everyone’s dresses and donate them to a charity that helps underprivileged high schoolers looking for gorgeous dresses for their proms.

We found Fairy Godmother’s, Inc. whose mission is to help provide a special high school prom experience for qualified high school girls whose financial situations are such as otherwise would preclude their ability to attend their prom by providing them prom gowns, shoes, and similar accessories which have been donated to the organization.

On Saturday, March 10th the Fairy Godmother’s organization held its annual prom sale. Sandy and I brought about 20 dresses and volunteered to help the girls pick out their dream dresses. It was a fun morning of excitement as the girls proudly modeled their dresses for their families.  Because of the event, many girls were able to afford a beautiful gown so that they could attend their proms, which is such a special experience in a teenager’s life.  Sandy and I were proud to be a part of such a wonderful event.

Check out the video clip below from Channel 6. If you look closely, you can even catch a glimpse of Sandy and me helping out the girls…

Fairy Godmother’s Prom Sale